Benefits of Bridges Over Dental Implants

December 12, 2022 - Digital Resource Blogger

Having a single tooth pulled due to serious decay or injury is not unusual. Sometimes, it’s even necessary to extract many teeth. However, an area of the mouth where three teeth are adjacent to each other which have been extracted can greatly affect how someone smiles. Missing teeth will hamper the functionality of the smile. At this point, finding a suitable replacement such as dental bridges in Santa Clara is crucial. This replacement will prevent the remaining teeth from shifting and the jawbone from deteriorating.  

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Why Patients Choose Dental Bridges Over Implants   

Eliminates Teeth Shifting  

Your teeth are firmly kept in place by powerful roots below your gum’s surface. Did you realize that neighboring teeth help hold your teeth in place? After considerable tooth loss, your remaining teeth may tilt toward the empty gap. The best course of action to stop teeth from moving is to use a dental bridge to replace the missing tooth. Too much teeth movement can cause tooth loss.  

Natural Shape is Preserved   

Did you know that your jawbone begins to deteriorate when a tooth is lost? Your tooth roots stimulate the cells of your jawbone. Your jawbone begins to degenerate in the absence of this stimulation. The form of your face may even be impacted by severe jawbone degradation, which can cause further tooth loss and facial collapse.  

Better Speech   

You will have trouble pronouncing words or talking with a lisp if you lose several teeth. You must treat the tooth loss that caused your impaired speech in the first place if you want to resolve this problem.   

Your ability to form words in your mouth depends critically on your teeth. Try reading aloud and count how often your lips or tongue make contact with your teeth to understand how it works. Dental bridges assist in addressing speech problems brought on by tooth loss.   

Moreover, you may find it challenging or even painful to eat your favorite meals after losing a tooth. Teeth next to the open gap may shift toward it, resulting in pain. Additionally, food debris can fill the gap left by your missing tooth and harm your gums.   

With this, most dental professionals advise investing in dental bridge therapy to eliminate pain. Call a dentist for tooth restoration immediately to make an appointment.  

It Easily Restores the Smile  

Dental bridges are advised for people who have lost teeth and want to improve their smile. When you are comfortable with how your smile looks, you smile more frequently, enhancing your quality of life. But what if you lost two or three teeth due to an accident? If you’re wondering whether a dental bridge is the best choice for you, don’t worry. Dental bridges are among the quickest tooth replacement choices, enabling you to get your smile back rapidly.  

Better Oral Health   

An implant-supported bridge does not put the neighboring teeth or gums at risk, unlike a typical bridge that relies on the teeth on either side of the gap to support it. It encourages bone regeneration to maintain the structural integrity and alignment of your jawbone and teeth.  

Although a dental bridge is not impervious, it can sustain pressure comparable to your teeth, allowing you to resume your normal diet and enjoy your favorite foods.  

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Inquire About Dental Bridges in Santa Clara   

Please contact our office to learn more about dental bridges and implants and how they can help you regain your smile and confidence. Our dental professionals will thoroughly describe the procedure at your consultation and take the time to address any questions or concerns you may have.