Can TMJ Go Away on its Own?

January 13, 2023 - Digital Resource Blogger

A TMJ issue is one of many health conditions that can cause persistent facial pain. The temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, is where your jawbone and skull affix on either side of your mouth. These joints act in conjunction with regional muscles, bones, and ligaments to allow for chewing and talking. Any TMJ dysfunction on either one side or both sides of your jaw might result in problems needing a TMJ treatment in Santa Clara.

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TMJ Pain Can Go Away

Gauge the Seriousness of Your Condition 

It can be useful to gauge the severity of the condition when dealing with jaw pain. It’s important to remember that most TMJ problems are transient and do not worsen.   

You may be experiencing a less severe form of transient TMJ if your jaw discomfort comes and goes throughout the day, can be treated with over-the-counter pain relievers, or doesn’t bother you for long periods. The good news is that you can usually treat this kind of jaw discomfort on your own with these and other self-care techniques.   

  • Relaxation and stress management methods to lessen bruxism  
  • Placing ice bags on the injured area  
  • Consuming soft and healthy food  
  • Minimizing jaw movements  
  • Softly extending the jaw  
  • Non-prescription painkillers  

Unfortunately, adopting these self-care methods for people with more severe TMJ is like applying a band-aid to a deep wound. The TMJ and underlying causes still exist despite any temporary pain relief. If you think you might have TMJ, you must speak to a dental expert because the likelihood that it will go away on its own is possible but low.  

Causes And Symptoms

TMJ can have a wide range of causes, and it can be challenging to pinpoint the precise cause of each patient. The causes may include dental or jaw misalignment, tooth or jaw damage, bruxism, arthritis, bad posture, stress, and even excessive gum chewing.    

TMJ causes jaw pain and tenderness, pain in or around the ear, discomfort while chewing, pain in the face, and/or a locked jaw that makes it difficult to open or close the mouth. This joint problem can also result in jaw clicking, but if no discomfort is present, there is usually no need to see a doctor for just jaw clicking.   

Treatment for TMJ: Will it Work?  

Finding the exact cause of a TMJ condition is less important than figuring out what it is not. Dental issues like toothache are simple to diagnose and cure, but TMJ diagnosis is more difficult. It frequently boils down to the words people use to describe themselves during their dental examination and visit, along with looking at the face and jaw. TMJ issues can also be diagnosed using X-rays and bite impressions.   

Fortunately, most patients experiencing TMJ issues will eventually experience relief from TMJ symptoms including jaw pain. That may be partially attributable to a change in lifestyle and lessened stress.

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Set Up a Consultation for TMJ Treatment in Santa Clara

You don’t have to endure painful symptoms like jaw pain, facial numbness, and chronic headaches. There’s a chance to get rid of these symptoms. You can get the proper care from our TMJ dentist at Dr. Jayne Dentistry. Our dental professionals have a lot of experience identifying and treating TMJ disorders. They will do their best to meet your specific needs because they know that no two cases are identical. To arrange a consultation, please call us.