Ways to Fix a Chipped Tooth

Do you have a cracked tooth? Not to worry. According to cosmetic dentistry in Santa Clara, even if you regularly brush and floss your teeth, your front or back tooth could still be broken if you bite down on anything hard. But it doesn’t mean you’ll always have to hide your smile. Several cosmetic procedures are available to fix the tooth and restore your smile. To find out how to treat a chipped tooth, continue reading.  

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Dental Treatments That Can Fix a Chipped Tooth

Root Canal  

Your dentist may decide that a root canal is the best course of therapy for you if the chip in your tooth is so severe that it qualifies as a fracture and extends up to the pulp.

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Who Is a Candidate for Snap-on Smile®?

Finding means to make one’s smile better is one of the most popular aesthetic improvements people seek. There is a treatment option that doesn’t take years to finish, doesn’t involve altering your natural dentition permanently, and is neither hazardous nor painful to carry out. Although cosmetic dentistry provides numerous options to enhance the look, a Snap-On Smile® dentist in Santa Clara can give you a simple and highly affordable treatment that many patients find appealing.

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Basics of Snap-On Smile®

Snap-on Smile®: What Is It?

Let’s start by defining Snap-On Smile®.

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Benefits of Bridges Over Dental Implants

Having a single tooth pulled due to serious decay or injury is not unusual. Sometimes, it’s even necessary to extract many teeth. However, an area of the mouth where three teeth are adjacent to each other which have been extracted can greatly affect how someone smiles. Missing teeth will hamper the functionality of the smile. At this point, finding a suitable replacement such as dental bridges in Santa Clara is crucial. This replacement will prevent the remaining teeth from shifting and the jawbone from deteriorating.  

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Why Patients Choose Dental Bridges Over Implants   

Eliminates Teeth Shifting  

Your teeth are firmly kept in place by powerful roots below your gum’s surface.

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Can You Remove Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers in Santa Clara technically are permanent, but they can be removed by a dentist if necessary. However, you can’t get rid of your porcelain veneers if you want them to produce stunning, long-lasting results. Hence, giving your alternatives careful thought and seeing a qualified cosmetic dentist are essential things to do.

Making Dental veneers in Santa Clara 

Veneers: How to Remove or Replace

Can you Replace Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers may be removed and replaced. The process for replacing veneers is the same as when you had your new veneers.

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What Is a Snap-on Smile?

A wedding, graduation and a birthday party – all these events are waiting for you and you want everything to be perfect. You’ve mastered your makeup and have chosen your outfits. Everything else is ready except for your smile. If your smile is dragging your confidence down you may want to consider asking for help from a Snap-On Smile® dentist in Santa Clara.

You don’t have enough time to receive veneers or orthodontic treatment with only a few weeks left before the event. Fortunately, a Snap-on Smile® is a quick and inexpensive way to achieve the smile of your dreams in just two short appointments.

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How to Know if You Have Dental Anxiety

According to experts who focus on relaxation dentistry in Santa Clara, at least 12% of people have an extremely high phobia of receiving dental care. Males are less likely than females to experience dental anxiety. Although there’s not much study as to why this is, few studies show that dentophobia affects roughly 3% of men and 5% of women.

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What Are the Signs?

In an article, dental professionals categorized the signs of dental anxiety into three main categories: physiological, behavioral, and cognitive.

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Do I Need Dental Implants or Dentures?

Are you having a hard time choosing between dentures and dental implants in Santa Clara? That’s understandable. Dentures are attached but removable dental appliances that mimic teeth. On the other hand, dental implants are prostheses that attach to the jawbone to support a dental bridge or crown. 

Dentists and oral surgeons view implants as a durable and potentially long-lasting replacement for lost teeth. Although a denture is strong, its lifespan is usually less than that of an implant. Find out more about dentures and implants below.  

Dental implants in Santa Clara are durable and lost-lasting replacement for loss teeth

Which One Is Right for You?

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How Long Do Dental Bridges Last? 

Bridges are frequently associated with negative feelings. They appear as a temporary fix that is more expensive than necessary. Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth than this. With the proper care, dental bridges in Santa Clara can last for many years. Meanwhile, they preserve the rest of your teeth in their proper positions, preventing further erosion or tooth loss. 

It’s normal to wonder how long dental bridges can survive if you need to use one to replace a missing tooth. Nobody wants to undergo these treatments more than what’s absolutely required because they are expensive and require maintenance.

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Smile Makeover Versus Full Mouth Reconstruction

The appropriate dental work can have a direct and positive impact on numerous areas of your life, just as your teeth and mouth have a straightforward impact on your emotional, physical, and social well-being. Cosmetic dentistry in Santa Clara is not only for aesthetic purposes, it can also help improve your dental health.

If you’ve been considering how to enhance the health, functionality, or aesthetics of your smile, a smile makeover or personalized full mouth reconstruction may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Even though both treatment regimens provide many similar benefits, both serve separate patient-centered goals.

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Are Dental Bridges a Good Idea?

Dental bridges in Santa Clara may be designed to look very natural, so no one will be able to tell that you’re missing some of your natural teeth just by glancing at you. If you take excellent care of your dental bridge, it can last for 15 years or longer, enabling you to speak and eat freely.

a senior woman pointing at her perfect smile with Dental bridges in Santa Clara

Dental Bridges 101


A dental bridge is used to replace lost teeth. Some patients get this treatment to restore the functionality of their teeth, such as chewing and speaking.

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