Everything Worth Knowing About Dentures

November 13, 2022 - Digital Resource Blogger

You may lose your confidence when you lose teeth, but it isn’t the only reason you should consider getting the treatments offered for cosmetic dentistry in Santa Clara. You may not currently be aware of the extent to which missing teeth can harm your health, but after speaking with your dentist, you’ll see that it’s essential to have the spaces filled.

Many dentists will advise dental bridges, overdentures, or implants as an alternative to dentures. They will assist you in deciding on your tooth replacement option based on the number of lost teeth, the strength of your jawbone, and your oral health. You may decide what will look best on your smile. If you choose dentures, here are the things you need to learn.

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What You Need to Know About Dentures

What Are the Benefits?

Full or partial sets of the detachable dental prosthesis are called dentures. They are more frequent in patients lacking full sets of teeth than only one or two missing teeth.   

Dentures have significantly advanced over time. Technology advancements have improved the aesthetics of dentures. Now, you have the freedom to remove them whenever you like throughout the day, and they are less expensive than dental implants.

Not everyone should choose dentures, though. If denture glue is not used to hold them, they can move while you eat or speak. Infection may also result from improperly-fitted dentures. They should also be cleaned often or replaced if they show significant wear.

Can You Wear Dentures While You Sleep?

The answer to whether or not you should wear your dentures to bed is usually “No.”  

To give your gums a break, it is best to remove them at night. Dentists strongly advise patients to take out their partial dentures before bed. Any excessive use of your denture could result in issues. Always remember that being safe is always preferable to being sorry.  

Moreover, an increased risk of diseases and ailments, including pneumonia, as well as troubles with gum inflammation, tongue plaque, and dental hygiene, have been linked to wearing dentures while you sleep.  

How to Take Care of Dentures?

Thankfully, maintaining your dentures isn’t that difficult. You can make sure they function properly and are comfortable in your mouth by following all maintenance requirements. You can easily live happily with dentures for a long period if you simply follow these instructions:  

  • Regular Dental Consultation – To make sure your dentures fit properly, you have to visit your dentist frequently. Your mouth may alter over time, affecting how well your dentures fit. Additionally, your dentist is available to address any queries and worries you may have.  
  • You should rinse your mouth, both before putting in your dentures and after eating.   
  • Cleaning your dentures is essential, but using the wrong cleaning supplies could damage. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and mild toothpaste to brush them.

Dentures of Cosmetic dentistry in santa clara

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