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Patient Testimonial

“Dr. Jayne and her staff always take the time to get to know their patients and develop a great relationship. The office is clean, efficient and friendly. I always appreciate that there is rarely a wait!”

— Christina

First Visit & New Patient Exam

Our friendly staff will guide you through your first visit and exam.

Friendly, knowledgeable Friendly, knowledgeable care in a comfortable setting

Creating an inviting, relaxed atmosphere is very important to us, and we want you to feel at ease and well cared for when you first visit our office. Our friendly staff will help you fill out your patient records electronically, give you a tour of the office, offer you refreshments, and welcome you to our practice with a gift.

Our New Patient Exam

We conduct a thorough examination of your teeth and gums to assess your overall dental health and explain any current or potential issues in detail. Dr. Jayne wants to understand your goals for your smile and oral health, and she provides custom treatment plans that match your needs and budget.

Our thorough New Patient Exam includes the following steps:


We review your dental and medical history, finds out what you would like to address about your teeth, oral health or smile.

Blood pressure check

We always check your blood pressure during a new patient exam. Although blood pressure levels may appear to be unrelated to dentistry, high or low blood pressure can lead to complications while performing certain procedures.

We offer special gifts to welcome you to our practice.

Dr. Jayne offers personalized treatment plans customized to meet your needs.

Comprehensive Oral Exam

Dr. Jayne conducts a comprehensive oral exam including a periodontal check for gum disease and charts any restorations you currently have, such as crowns, bridges and fillings.

Screening for oral cancer

Although oral cancer is actually rare, Dr. Jayne checks your mouth for any signs of abnormal tissue that may lead to cancerous lesions.

Digital X-rays

We use digital X-rays that emit very low levels of radiation to get a detailed image of your teeth and gums. When the high-quality images appear on screen, they can be enlarged or the contrast can be adjusted to provide a better image for detecting potential problems.

Intraoral camera

We also use a small, handheld intraoral camera to show you the inside of your mouth, so that you can see what we are seeing. The images are sent to a large format computer screen for immediate review.This visual reference helps you understand what is going on with your teeth and mouth.

Digital X-rays provide excellent imagery and emit very low doses of radiation.

Smile evaluation

We’ve found that many patients would like to have a more attractive smile. If you want, Dr. Jayne will give you a smile evaluation and recommend options for improving your smile.

Patient Education

We believe that patient education is very important and always take the time to make sure that there is complete understanding of treatment procedures. We even have iPads that can play video animations to illustrate various dental procedures, and the CAESY patient education system. We always give you options, and make them clear and understandable for you.

Planning treatment

Once your examination is complete, Dr. Jayne goes over the results. She clearly explains what is occurring with your teeth and oral health and goes over the different treatment options available to you.She makes sure you understand the proposed treatment, and even provides educational videos for you to view, if you would like.

To help you get the treatment you need, our financial coordinator works hard to maximize any insurance benefits you have or helps you with different payment options, including no or low interest financing.

You will have the opportunity to meet with our financial coordinator and discuss your payment options.

New Patient Special Offer

For a limited time, Dr. Jayne is offering our New Patient Exam for just $79. Click here to find out more.

Applies to new patients only without insurance (excluding dental emergencies). Restrictions apply.

The usual value is $300.

To make an appointment, call 408-243-5107 or click here to request an appointment online.


Routine checkups are essential to maintaining your oral health. Checkups can allow us to catch problems early and treat them before they worsen. A routine checkup will include a gum disease evaluation, visual examination for tooth decay, diagnostic X-ray and an evaluation of the status of current restorations (fillings, crowns and others). Regular checkups are your best defense against gum disease and tooth decay. We want you to have a healthy mouth for a lifetime!

To make an appointment, call 408-243-5107 or click here to request an appointment online.