How Long Do Dental Bridges Last? 

August 8, 2022 - Digital Resource Blogger

Bridges are frequently associated with negative feelings. They appear as a temporary fix that is more expensive than necessary. Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth than this. With the proper care, dental bridges in Santa Clara can last for many years. Meanwhile, they preserve the rest of your teeth in their proper positions, preventing further erosion or tooth loss. 

It’s normal to wonder how long dental bridges can survive if you need to use one to replace a missing tooth. Nobody wants to undergo these treatments more than what’s absolutely required because they are expensive and require maintenance. The good news is that, with proper maintenance, bridges are a long-lasting solution. 

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Basics of Dental Bridges

What Is a Dental Bridge? 

A dental bridge is a popular method of replacing missing teeth and is used to close the gap left by lost teeth in the mouth. The replacement teeth are often inserted in between two or more crowns that hold the bridge to the neighboring teeth. Depending on the patient’s desires, the materials used may be porcelain, ceramic, gold, or an alloy.   

How Long Does It Last? 

The usual lifespan of a dental bridge is five to fifteen years. However, dental bridges can last longer in some cases. It relies on the kind and quality of the bridge, how well it was initially fitted, and how much ongoing care was provided. 

How to Maintain Your Dental Bridge 

Dietary changes can significantly lengthen the lifespan of dental bridges. For instance, avoiding sugary and starchy foods can lower the risk of cavities. Consuming more fiber, fruits, and vegetables can also help strengthen your teeth and enhance your oral health, extending the lifespan of your dental bridges. 

By removing food particles that may become lodged beneath the bridge, brushing your teeth and flossing at least twice a day can also help to maintain the condition of your dental bridge. This can lower the risk of bacterial infections. 

Also, further reducing these bacterial and infection risks is regular dental cleaning appointments. Regular dental visits will also guarantee that any potential infections are found early to prevent future issues and extend the life of the dental bridge. 

How Often Is a Replacement Needed? 

As mentioned earlier, dental bridges may last from five to fifteen years. At this point, you’ll be required to get repairs or a replacement. The same way that a tooth might accidentally chip, a bridge can also chip 

Wear and tear vary from person to person depending on factors like bite power, eating habits, oral and general health, the state of the teeth and gums overall, and the quality of oral hygiene and maintenance care. Hence, the time for you to get a replacement may also differ. 

What Are the Benefits of Dental Bridges? 

Getting a dental bridge can have a number of advantages, including: 

  • Ensures that chewing and biting are distributed evenly throughout the mouth. 
  • Ensures that natural teeth that are still there will not move from their initial location. 
  • Keep the structure of your face and mouth intact and symmetrical. 
  • Enhances your capacity to correctly chew, eat, and communicate. 
  • Enhances the look of your teeth and restores your smile. 

Dental bridges in Santa Clara can last for a long time

You Control How Long Your Dental Bridges in Santa Clara Last 

By having substandard bridges, you run the risk of needing another pricey dental treatment and your health. Get quality dental bridges from Dr. Jayne Dentistry!