What Is a Snap-on Smile?

September 19, 2022 - Digital Resource Blogger

A wedding, graduation and a birthday party – all these events are waiting for you and you want everything to be perfect. You’ve mastered your makeup and have chosen your outfits. Everything else is ready except for your smile. If your smile is dragging your confidence down you may want to consider asking for help from a Snap-On Smile® dentist in Santa Clara.

You don’t have enough time to receive veneers or orthodontic treatment with only a few weeks left before the event. Fortunately, a Snap-on Smile® is a quick and inexpensive way to achieve the smile of your dreams in just two short appointments.

patient shows teeth to a Snap-On Smile® dentist in Santa Clara

Important Snap-on-Smile® Information to Know

What Is It?

They are custom-made resin trays that are designed to fit over your teeth. Snap-on-Smile® will look and feel natural since they are quite thin. They’re built to order and are simple to snap in and out.

To ensure a perfect fit, your Snap-On Smile® dentist will take a few impressions of your teeth during the consultation. Additionally, you can choose the precise color of your desired smile. Your dentist will submit the impressions to a lab after your appointment. They’ll ship it back in a week or two, at which point you’ll be called for your final try-on session.

What Is It Made Of?

Several dental restorations can be created through an approach that uses thermoplastic acetyl resin without monomers. Acetyl resin is often utilized to make temporary bridges, retainers, partial dentures, and splints.

Likewise, Snap-on-Smile® is one of these dental tools. This substance is strong and lightweight. It can even withstand grinding of the teeth without chipping or breaking.

Due to its essential qualities, crystallized acetyl resin is a perfect material for Snap-on-Smile®. It is unmatched in terms of color stability as great stain resistance equates to high color stability. Studies demonstrate that when submerged in black coffee, acetyl resin did not discolor.

There are many perks for those who want the Snap-On Smile® dental appliance. This material’s strong resistance to abrasion makes it perfect for people who clench or grind their teeth.

This treatment won’t quickly lose its effectiveness. Its hydrophobic nature makes it the perfect material for a dental device. Due to its limited porosity, it is resistant to bacteria, water, and other foreign materials, stopping the dental device from holding on to odors.

Snap-On Smile® dentist in Santa Clara works on teeth

Why Do Patients Choose This Therapy?

  • Warranty: A 12-month limited warranty is included with every Snap-on-Smile® appliance.
  • Quick remedy: It is possible to complete Snap-on-Smile® in as little as two appointments. Your appliance is ready to wear as soon as the lab finishes fabricating it.
  • No needles: Local anesthetic is often used to numb the area before cosmetic procedures. You won’t have to undergo injections if you choose Snap-on Smile® because there is no need for drilling or incisions.
  • No immediate results: Orthodontic treatment may take up to two years, and perhaps even longer. Patients can achieve immediate, dramatic effects with Snap-on-Smile® by just putting the appliance in their mouth.
  • Non-invasive: Enamel must be removed to get porcelain veneers.  This compromises natural tooth structure and overall dental health. With Snap-on-Smile®, you won’t have to undergo any modification because it just covers the natural teeth.
  • Affordable: Snap-on-Smile® is less expensive than alternative cosmetic procedures. Various factors can cause the total expenses to differ dramatically. A half arch, for instance, is less expensive than a whole arch.

Can Snap-on Smile® Be Worn Overnight?

Snap-on veneers are excellent for special occasions but not for daily use. They easily get damaged and stained if you eat, drink, or wear them while sleeping.

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Where Can I Find a Snap-on Smile® Dentist in Santa Clara

All set to schedule? To see how a Snap-on-Smile can change your smile, stop by for a free consultation.