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Reasons to Choose Dentures Over Dental Implants

The effects of tooth loss, severe tooth decay, and gum disease are felt by many people. These patients can benefit from the best dentures in Santa Clara by having their teeth restored. A set of false teeth is only one component of dentures. You can eat, chew, speak, and smile with dentures. Read on to know why you should choose dentures.

dentist holds the best dentures in Santa Clara

Benefits Dentures Can Offer

Increase Self-Esteem

Losing teeth can cause a decline in confidence. However, natural-looking dentures can assist in restoring the stunning smile that you adore and relish!

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Posted in Dental Implants
on December 19th 2022

Dental Implant Myths Debunked

Do you wish to get dental implants in Santa Clara? Your missing teeth can easily be replaced with implants, giving you the smile of your dreams. Moreover, implant treatment can be your best option if you want a restoration that looks natural and can last for years. However, such a procedure is the subject of many rumors. Below are the dental implants myths every patient who plans to get this treatment needs to learn.

computerized image of dental implants in Santa Clara

Misconceptions About Dental Implants

Myth #1: Dental Implants Can Be Risky and Ineffective

For more than 40 years, dental implants have been a widely used treatment for tooth loss.

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Posted in Dental Implants
on December 16th 2022

Benefits of Bridges Over Dental Implants

Having a single tooth pulled due to serious decay or injury is not unusual. Sometimes, it’s even necessary to extract many teeth. However, an area of the mouth where three teeth are adjacent to each other which have been extracted can greatly affect how someone smiles. Missing teeth will hamper the functionality of the smile. At this point, finding a suitable replacement such as dental bridges in Santa Clara is crucial. This replacement will prevent the remaining teeth from shifting and the jawbone from deteriorating.  

Picture of dental bridge in Santa Clara over black background

Why Patients Choose Dental Bridges Over Implants   

Eliminates Teeth Shifting  

Your teeth are firmly kept in place by powerful roots below your gum’s surface.

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on December 12th 2022

Different Kinds of Teeth Stains

There are various dental stains, most notably brown or yellow ones. After consuming particular foods and beverages, tooth stains are frequently seen. Most of the time, brushing your teeth is sufficient to eliminate tooth stains, so they should go away as part of your regular oral hygiene and cleaning routine. However, you’ll need professional teeth whitening in Santa Clara instead of simple oral hygiene routines like brushing and flossing if the stains stay on your teeth for a long time.  

Additionally, other factors in the mouth or even the body might occasionally cause discolored teeth.

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Posted in Blog, Teeth Whitening
on December 2nd 2022

Can You Remove Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers in Santa Clara technically are permanent, but they can be removed by a dentist if necessary. However, you can’t get rid of your porcelain veneers if you want them to produce stunning, long-lasting results. Hence, giving your alternatives careful thought and seeing a qualified cosmetic dentist are essential things to do.

Making Dental veneers in Santa Clara 

Veneers: How to Remove or Replace

Can you Replace Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers may be removed and replaced. The process for replacing veneers is the same as when you had your new veneers.

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on November 28th 2022

Everything Worth Knowing About Dentures

You may lose your confidence when you lose teeth, but it isn’t the only reason you should consider getting the treatments offered for cosmetic dentistry in Santa Clara. You may not currently be aware of the extent to which missing teeth can harm your health, but after speaking with your dentist, you’ll see that it’s essential to have the spaces filled.

Many dentists will advise dental bridges, overdentures, or implants as an alternative to dentures. They will assist you in deciding on your tooth replacement option based on the number of lost teeth, the strength of your jawbone, and your oral health.

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Posted in Blog, Dentures
on November 13th 2022

Reasons Why You Experience Gum Bleeding

Did you ever experience gum bleeding when you floss or wash your teeth? There are various reasons why gums bleed, from improper brushing techniques to more severe conditions like gum disease. Gum bleeding is not harmful in and of itself, but the underlying condition that is causing it might be, pushing you to try gum disease treatment in Santa Clara. Here is a list of some potential reasons why your gums bleed.

Woman after Gum disease treatment in Santa Clara

Causes of Gum Bleeding


While certain medications are made to benefit a particular area of your body, they can also have adverse effects.

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on November 7th 2022

Avoid Dental Gimmicks With These Tips

We humans really are a peculiar species. We frequently disregard the necessities and tend to adopt the newest trends before they become essential. Look at the latest wave of oral hygiene gimmicks to see how true this is, especially regarding dental care. You can consult a Santa Clara dentist to know whether such a practice is just a gimmick or not.  

The overwhelming obligation of being told to clean or floss your teeth appears to put us off. But it’s not as if we disregard entirely tooth health.

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Posted in Blog, Oral Health
on November 4th 2022

Get a Better Smile with Invisalign®

When you decide to treat yourself and get a new, ideal smile you’ve always desired, you’ll probably be so eager that you can’t wait to get started. However, there is a crucial piece of information that you should be aware of before you take that initial step. So, don’t just check for the location of the nearest Invisalign® provider to your home. You need to choose the perfect Invisalign® dentist in Santa Clara. 

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Posted in Blog, Invisalign
on October 18th 2022

What You Need to Know About Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Aside from teeth whitening, dental implants, and wisdom teeth extraction, another standard treatment availed by patients is a full mouth reconstruction in Santa Clara. It is a process of reconstructing, restoring, or replacing most or all teeth in the upper and lower jaws.  

Xray of Full mouth reconstruction Santa Clara

FAQs About Full Mouth Reconstruction

Do Full Mouth Reconstructions Resemble Smile Makeovers in Any Way? 

Both smile makeovers and full mouth reconstructions can be customized.

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Posted in Blog, Full Mouth Reconstruction
on October 14th 2022