Is It True That Dentures Are for Old People Only?

When dentists mention the word “dentures,” numerous ideas and myths come to mind for someone who hasn’t had them themselves. It’s crucial to understand the reality of these tooth replacement choices if you plan to wear dental implants or the best dentures in Santa Clara.

Dentures are available to anyone; there actually is no minimum age requirement. What matters more in the end than your smile? You may want to show off your dazzling whites, but you’re unable to do so if you have damaged teeth.

The goal of dental professionals is to raise awareness of the benefits of getting dentures.

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Why Should You Consider Dentures?

You Are Suffering from Bone Loss

Your bone needs simulation because it can’t keep its density without it. Without tooth roots to stimulate the bone that holds your teeth in place, the bone deteriorates and your facial structure changes, potentially making you appear twice as old.

Your Teeth Are Crooked

Dental misalignment causes your teeth to move or tilt toward the gap every time you chew your food. Too much wear and the alignment of the teeth are additional issues brought on by crooked teeth. Along with these issues, crooked teeth will be more vulnerable to decay and more challenging to clean.

You Can’t Chew Food Well

It will be challenging for people without molars to eat their food properly. They will only be able to eat softer foods because they won’t be able to bite on chewy or hard foods. They can’t really have any nuts, veggies, or fruits, which is unfortunate because those are the best sources of minerals and vitamins.

Advantages of Wearing Dentures

You’ll immediately notice a difference in your demeanor if you wear dentures. Likewise, your smile will be healthy, and you’ll also gain the following advantages:

  • Your brand-new dentures will restore your chewing power.
  • A complete set of teeth will help with speech.

The cosmetic appeal and accompanying boost to one’s confidence are the most common reasons why people consider restoring a missing tooth. Dentures unquestionably have a cosmetic appeal, but they also have many additional uses.

Additionally, dentures let the wearer eat comfortably, chew their food fully, and do so without worrying about food becoming stuck in between teeth. Last but not least, dentures prevent the sagging of the facial muscles that can happen when several teeth are lost.

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Ready to Get the Best Dentures in Santa Clara?

Visit Dr. Jayne Dentistry if you need an expert’s opinion on whether you need dentures. We’ll be able to respond to your inquiries. We are always excited to help our patients transform their smiles into something they can be proud of. Combine that with our promise to always do our best to keep our patients relaxed and comfortable, and you’ll be left with an incredible dental experience from start to finish.

Consult a dentist at our Santa Clara dental office to get dentures if you’re missing more than one tooth. Our friendly and expert team of dental professionals can’t wait to see you!