Is TMJ Treatment Effective?

June 17, 2022 - Digital Resource Blogger

If you constantly get light-headedness, tingly fingers, stiff shoulders and neck, migraines, regular headaches that experts in other professions can’t explain, it’s possible that you have a bad bite or TMJ problem. When this happens, you’ll need TMJ treatment in Santa Clara.

Girl experiences ear ache and needs TMJ treatment in Santa Clara

TMJ Symptoms and Treatments

What is TMJ Dysfunction?

TMJ, which stands for temporomandibular joint, is a tiny disk in the jaw that facilitates free movement. TMJ dysfunction, or TMD, causes the jaw joint to become misaligned. It may lead to headaches, eating difficulties, gum problems, and even dizzy episodes.  Below are the symptoms you may experience according to your body parts:


  • You constantly feel there is a foreign object stuck in your throat.
  • Constant clearing of your throat
  • Frequent coughing


  • Finger and arm pain or numbness
  • Backaches or shoulder aches
  • Neck pain
  • Stiffness



  • Locks open or shut
  • Jaw moves to another side when opened
  • Inability to open comfortably
  • Discomfort


  • Dizziness or vertigo
  • Itchy or clogged ears
  • Decreased hearing

Is There a Cure or Therapy for TMJ Dysfunction?

TMJ can be treated; however, it may be challenging at times. Anti-inflammatory medications, such as Ibuprofen, eating soft meals, and hot or cold compresses on the face are examples of home remedies. A bite guard may be prescribed as a medical intervention to prevent the patient from biting down while sleeping and from grinding their teeth.

Splint therapy may entail wearing a splint at night to avoid teeth grinding or biting movement. It allows the muscles and ligaments in the jaw to relax, eliminating teeth grinding, clenching, and other jaw reflexes that can cause TMJ pain and discomfort.

TMJ problem is thought to be caused by either an overbite or underbite, in addition to bruxism. The jaw is said to be placed under more strain as a result of this. With splint therapy, it can help angle the bite into a more ideal position, which can help relieve jaw stress.

What Is the Duration of the Treatment?

TMJ dysfunction therapy, which includes flushing the TMJ joint with a sterile solution, obtaining a surgical intervention or a cortisone shot in the area, is quite limited. Surgery is usually only considered as a last resort.

If you want a rough estimate of the duration of the TMJ treatment, it’s best to speak with your dentist, as every patient is different. Massage and stretching of the jaw, stress reduction, and neck stretching activities can all provide immediate relief. Even so, it could take weeks or months to experience the full advantages.

Woman suffers from jaw problem that requires TMJ treatment in Santa Clara

Looking For Quality TMJ Treatment in Santa Clara?

Although this condition is difficult to detect and cure, there are treatments available. Request a consultation to review your pain management choices and determine your degree of comfort.

At Dr. Jayne Dentistry, we are equipped with advanced diagnostic and treatment capabilities so we can provide patients with all the assistance and improvements they require. Schedule an appointment with us today for more information!