Reasons to Choose Dentures Over Dental Implants

December 19, 2022 - Digital Resource Blogger

The effects of tooth loss, severe tooth decay, and gum disease are felt by many people. These patients can benefit from the best dentures in Santa Clara by having their teeth restored. A set of false teeth is only one component of dentures. You can eat, chew, speak, and smile with dentures. Read on to know why you should choose dentures.

dentist holds the best dentures in Santa Clara

Benefits Dentures Can Offer

Increase Self-Esteem

Losing teeth can cause a decline in confidence. However, natural-looking dentures can assist in restoring the stunning smile that you adore and relish! It would help if you weren’t forced to wear a smile that makes you uncomfortable. With custom dentures, you can smile without worrying about how people react.

Improves Oral Health

Having missing teeth can result in several oral health issues. You can lessen your risk of acquiring oral issues like gum disease by wearing dentures. Many patients choose implant-supported dentures to stop the loss of teeth from causing jawbone deterioration.

Easily Maintained

Dentures are quite simple to keep clean. After meals, every dentist advises taking them off and cleaning them, brushing them every day, and soaking them overnight. These simple suggestions can help you maintain perfect condition for many years with your dentures.

Talk and Eat Easily

Speaking and eating can be exceedingly challenging when teeth are missing. You won’t have to worry about any speech difficulties with high-quality dentures, and you’ll be able to speak easily. You won’t have to worry about your dentures sliding or coming loose while enjoying your favorite dishes.

Your Face’s Shape Will Not Be Compromised

Dentures assist in maintaining facial contours and preventing drooping cheeks and lips. They keep your face full and give you a full, authentic smile. Likewise, dentures may fill in the gaps left by missing teeth, whether you’re missing a few or an entire arch, and give you a complete smile you want!

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How to Choose the Best Dentures

Your choice of the denture will mostly rely on the number of missing teeth you have. To complete your smile, you can pick between full and partial dentures. The shade of your dentures should also be considered because you want them to look as natural as possible. Finally, there are pros and cons to various manufacturers on the market in terms of durability, comfort, and looks.

How Should Removable Dentures Be Cared For?

Dentures should be cleaned and stored each night to allow the gums to rest and ensure they are clean and comfortable the next morning.

The American Dental Association states that storing your denture in clear water or a cleaning solution is the best option. The second option has the advantage of lessening denture bacteria and germs and avoiding foul odors. Further, always remember to rinse your dentures under running water before re-putting them in your mouth. This way, your dentures’ lifespan will increase because of proper storage.

Will it Be Difficult to Eat with New Dentures?

Dentures will improve your quality of life and smile. Having fewer teeth or none makes it difficult to socialize, feel at ease, or, most importantly, chew solid foods. Having dentures, however, does not grant you unlimited food options. To properly care for your dentures, you must avoid various foods.

dentist compares the implants with the natural teeth after not choosing the best dentures in Santa Clara

Choose the Best Dentures in Santa Clara

We can assist you in choosing the ideal denture that completes your smile and is comfortable to wear. You can arrange a consultation with one of our dentists, who will walk you through the various denture kinds, denture designs, and denture brands available today. Our dentists will be at your side at every stage of this important decision that will determine the appearance of your smile.