Relaxation Dentistry in Santa Clara

Comfortable, no-fear dentistry

Amenities to make you feel at home

To make your dental experience positive, we provide a friendly, welcoming atmosphere at all times. For your comfort you will find cozy blankets, music with headphones, warm scented towels, aromatherapy, cool drinks and delicious snacks.

Dr. Jayne performs gentle extractions when they are needed.

Afraid of the dentist? We offer conscious sedation

We understand that the idea of visiting the dentist can cause anxiety. For this reason, Dr. Jayne has made it her business to become knowledgeable about conscious sedation dentistry. With conscious sedation, a sedative is administered orally or by IV to relax you, until you are in a light dozing state, although still conscious and able to be awakened at any time and respond to requests.

Dr. Jayne has advanced training in conscious sedation. She has considerable experience in conscious sedation and knows how to properly take care of her patients while they are sedated. Dr. Jayne is a member of DOCS—Dental Organization of Conscious Sedation.

Oral sedation

Dr. Jayne prefers to use oral sedation to help fearful patients relax. Any dental treatment can be done using oral sedation, but Dr. Jayne especially recommends it for fearful patients who have extensive work to do such as extractions, full-mouth rehabilitation and other comprehensive treatments. One of our team is in the room with you at all times while you undergo treatment, ensuring that you remain fully relaxed and comfortable.

Extensive treatment completed in just one visit

With conscious sedation Dr. Jayne can complete extensive treatment in just one visit instead of in several visits. Patients who have put off seeing the dentist can now get the work they need in one go while feeling relaxed instead of anxious.

Nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation to help you relax

As an alternative or added option for your relaxation, Dr. Jayne offers a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen to safely calm your anxiety. Pure nitrous oxide can lead to dizziness, the nitrous oxide/oxygen combination was developed by scientists to eliminate that problem and is now used as a sedative or anesthesia in dental offices and hospitals throughout the world.

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