TMJ & Headache Treatment in Santa Clara

Effective, knowledgeable treatment for TMJ Disorder and headaches

One of the leading causes of chronic tension headaches is a malfunction of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). The TMJ is the place where your lower jaw, or mandible, is hinged to your skull. This joint, and the main chewing muscle attached to it, is one of the most powerful muscle-and-joint systems in the human body. When excessive force is present in this area, it can impact your quality of life.

Dr. Jayne has considerable experience in treating TMJ disorder through the use of special oral appliances.

What is TMJ Disorder or TMD?

TMJ Disorder is the slow, painful failure of jaw joint function. The origin of TMJ disorder, or dysfunction, can vary widely.

One of the most common causes involves the primary chewing muscle. When this muscle develops knots, the result can be painful headaches or jaw pain. The condition is usually characterized by bruxism, the grinding of teeth. Bruxism can be a symptom of a poor bite or even of emotional stress.

Grinding your teeth?

Teeth grinding, or bruxism, at night is a very common condition. It occurs through involuntary clenching of the jaw, as in chewing. As well as potentially causing TMJ pain and headaches through the constant strain on the jaw muscles, bruxism causes your teeth to wear down and can cause your gums to recede. Dr. Jayne treats bruxism with special custom night guards.

Dr. Jayne’s TMJ Treatment procedure

Diagnosis and planning

To detect TMJ Disorder, Dr. Jayne starts with a soft tissue exam. She carefully evaluates your facial structure and function of your jaw. She inspects your teeth for symptoms of TMJ Disorder.

Dr. Jayne also checks with you on any possible causes of stress in your life, which can cause involuntary clenching of the jaw.

Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

If you have TMJ Disorder, you may experience one or more of the following:

  • Waking up with tension headaches
  • Inability to, or pain when trying to, open wide or yawn
  • Clicking or popping in the jaw when chewing or opening mouth wide
  • Jaw getting tired easily while eating
  • Notches in the teeth
  • Teeth sensitivity
  • Earaches or toothaches
  • Worn or cracked teeth

Dr. Jayne often recommends a custom-fitted night guard to help patients with TMJ disorder.

The innovative NTI device

To create your oral appliance, Dr. Jayne takes impressions of your teeth, observing how your teeth fit together with your jaws in different positions. This information is sent to the lab where the FDA-approved NTI device is made for you.

Invented by a dentist, it is a small but powerful retainer-like splint that goes between your front teeth and is worn while you sleep. It keeps the back teeth from touching and reduces the intensity of the jaw clenching – by about 70%!

Dr. Jayne uses an NTI device to help reduce the intensity of night time jaw clenching.

Patient Testimonial

Christina has been a patient for 19 years and is happy that her problems with TMD are now completely controlled.

“My husband and I have been receiving treatment from Dr. Jayne and her staff for approximately 19 years. We chose her practice after meeting her friendly staff and seeing her inviting office. We have received excellent dental care over the years, including cleaning, whitening, crowns and fillings. My husband chose Invisalign® clear braces for teeth straightening and is very pleased with the results. Through the use of a night guard, my TMD is now completely under control.

“Dr. Jayne and her staff always take the time to get to know their patients and develop a great relationship. The office is clean, efficient and friendly. I always appreciate that there is rarely a wait!

“Dr. Jayne and her staff are warm, caring and compassionate. We love all the staff. Simi [dental hygienist] has been taking care of my teeth for over 19 years. I don’t want to go anywhere else! We would highly recommend Dr. Jayne.

— Christina

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