Tooth Extractions in Santa Clara

Dr. Jayne performs gentle extractions when they are needed.

Comfortable and gentle tooth extractions

Dr. Jayne wants you to keep your natural teeth whenever possible and will always attempt to save a tooth through gum disease treatment, root canal therapy or other means. However, there are cases when a tooth is beyond repair and must be extracted to maintain oral health.

Teeth that have been injured by trauma or that are heavily decayed or infected may require extraction. Overly crowded teeth may also need to be removed prior to orthodontic treatment with Invisalign® clear aligners.

When this is the case, Dr. Jayne is gentle. She carefully numbs the area and meticulously extracts the tooth, keeping you comfortable during the procedure.

Socket preservation

The gap created when a tooth is extracted can be problematic, causing the jawbone and gum to deteriorate and shrink due to lack of stimulation from a tooth.

Dr. Jayne may recommend socket preservation, a technique using bio-compatible bone graft material to fill the socket and prevent this deterioration. Plasma rich in growth factors is also used in socket preservation to enhance bone and tissue regeneration when preparing for dental implants. With this advanced technology, the rate of healing is increased, and recovery time is greatly reduced.

Socket preservation will last a few months to a year, and before this time elapses an extracted tooth should be replaced. By doing so you are ensuring the best continuous preservation of the jawbone, Dr. Jayne recommends dental implants for this reason.

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Comfort and conscious sedation

During a tooth extraction, Dr. Jayne makes sure you stay calm and comfortable. Headphones are available for listening to music and warm scented towels are at hand. Our staff are attentive and reassuring. Any injections are barely noticeable.

If the idea of getting a tooth pulled makes you nervous or fearful, you have options.

Dr. Jayne offers sedation dentistry to keep your visit anxiety-free. Ask about our sedation options.

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