What Is a Dental Scaler and Why Is It Important?    

December 3, 2021 - Digital Resource Blogger

You might be wondering if that metal hook that your Invisalign® dentist in Santa Clara uses to check and clean your teeth can be used when you have normal or Invisalign® braces. But more importantly, what are they?  

This dental tool is called a dental scaler, and most, if not the majority of modern dental clinics today, use this dental tool in various ways. Today you’ll learn about what a dental scaler is and why it is important for your overall oral and dental health. 

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Overview of Dental Scaler

What Are Its General Uses?

Dental scalers are often used to remove hardened plaque that builds between your teeth and gums. While most dentists often use this tool during teeth cleaning procedures, they also use it to clear up the plaque forming in your gums to properly check your gum health. Because plaque can build up quickly, dentists need these types of tools to prevent it from hardening.

These tools are also used to remove tartar from your teeth and gums. It’s an excellent tool to have when you want complete teeth cleaning exercise at home. You can use this tool once a week to thoroughly remove tartar and plaque from your teeth.  

Why Are Dental Scalers Important?

While brushing alone can help reduce the formation of plaque in your teeth and gums, there are times that when you haven’t brushed your teeth well and long enough plaque forms. The plaque that is left unchecked and unreached by your brush and floss can harden to the point that normal brushing can’t get rid of it.   

Hence, dental scalers are used to remove this hard formation of plaque from your teeth, gums, and even braces.

Dental scalers are also important for dentists because they serve as an extension of their fingers when they want to check on your gum health. While you can buy online, it’s not recommended.

Are Dental Scalers Dangerous?

Dental scalers can be harmful if not used properly, it can poke, pierce, and wound your mouth and gums if you’re not careful enough. That’s why this tool, it’s best left to be used by your licensed dentist.   

Can Dental Scalers Be Used to Clean Braces?

While you can periodically use dental scalers to clean your dental braces, it is highly recommended that you use the tools advised by your dentist to clean your braces. There are several reasons why you should let an expert handle it, and one of which is that you might damage your braces.  

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