What Is a Full Mouth Reconstruction and What Are the Steps?

February 11, 2022 - Digital Resource Blogger

The goal of the full mouth reconstruction in Santa Clara is to improve the patient’s teeth and smile. Dental professionals feel that cosmetic dentistry should be used in conjunction with their overall health as well as their oral health. As a result, dentistry no longer provides fillings or tooth extractions. If your dentist has recommended a full mouth reconstruction, you are likely to require a combination of oral operations. Repairing damaged teeth, replacing missing teeth, extracting rotting teeth, jaw bone degeneration, addressing gum disease and much more are all possible with dental aesthetic operations. Each of these treatments is usually done one at a time, with at least a few days or weeks between them to allow the laboratory to complete their work.


Steps for Reconstruction


An initial consultation is possibly the most critical step after you’ve discovered the ideal dentist for you. This is the moment to talk to your dental expert about your concerns and your goals for your mouth’s appearance in a relaxed manner. They will conduct a check-up and x-rays, as well as discuss with you the possibilities for correcting any abnormalities that occur during the examination. You can discuss the price of a whole mouth reconstruction with them if they advise you to do numerous operations.

The State of Your Teeth

The general state of your teeth is the most essential factor in determining what type of restorative therapy you require. Your dentist will look for cracks, decay, cavities, root canal difficulties, and/or signs of damage to your teeth. They will assess what type of restorative procedures are required after determining the general health, which may include, but is not limited to bridges, implants, veneers, or full-coverage crowns.

Bite Control

It’s critical for your general dental health that you don’t experience any pain on your teeth as a result of your bite. As a result, before scheduling an intensive restorative procedures, your dentist may propose using orthodontics or night guards to address occlusion.

Making a Treatment Plan That’s Just Right for You

The major goal will be to save and restore as many teeth as possible, keep gums healthy, extract teeth that can’t be saved, and rehabilitate the mouth so that it operates properly and patients may smile with confidence.

Choosing a Dentist Who Is Right for You

It’s important to conduct your own research when searching for a dentist. If you have dental insurance, talk to your insurer about which local dental offices they provide coverage for and start your search from there. When searching for a dentist, look at patient reviews, education, and office location.

The Upkeep Period

Because you’ve just made a big investment in your dental health, the doctor will want to keep a careful eye on your progress after treatment. You’re at a higher risk of recurrence because of your thorough therapy and history of dental illness. Patients who have had a full mouth reconstruction will need to see a hygienist for dental cleanings and fluoride treatments on a regular basis, possibly every three months.


Would You Like to Talk About Your Full Mouth Reconstruction in Santa Clara?

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Jayne Dentistry if you require a complete mouth dental reconstruction and want to know which procedure is best for you. During this visit, your prosthodontist will perform a full evaluation and help you decide on what to do.