What is Relaxation Dentistry in Santa Clara

March 22, 2022 - Digital Resource Blogger

You’ve come across sedation dentistry, but have you heard of the term “relaxation dentistry?” If you’re one of those who get anxious and stressed out when you have a dental appointment coming up, you should try out relaxation dentistry in Santa Clara.   

Dental anxiousness can be easily alleviated thanks to this technique. Relaxation dentistry can actually make your next dental appointment a breeze. Whether you feel stressed out before a treatment session or you have difficulties even bringing yourself to go to the dental clinic because of how nervous it makes you feel, this can be addressed by relaxation dentistry.  

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Facts About Relaxation Dentistry

What Is It?

This field of dentistry combines different sorts of dental sedation with specific oral relaxation processes to make dental visits more pleasant and stress-free for patients. It leaves patients in different situations of consciousness. The primary objective is to allow the patient to relax and induce feelings of euphoria and drowsiness to address dental anxiety symptoms

Why Choose Relaxation Dentistry?

One of the main advantages of utilizing nitrous oxide on dental patients is that it can be easily regulated during the process to keep patients calm and comfortable. Moreover, it wears off rapidly, allowing patients to leave the dentist’s office right away.   

IV sedation and oral sedation (pills) are two different kinds of sedation utilized in relaxation dentistry. Depending on the type and dose of medication used, these kinds of sedation can have mild to moderate effects.  

Once you’ve considered relaxation dentistry as an option, your dentist will ask questions about your dental anxiety. In this way, your dentist can assist you in determining the optimal type of dental sedation to address your symptoms.  

How to Relieve Stress Before a Dental Appointment

Apart from sedation, there are a multitude of strategies to relieve stress and feel relaxed before your next dental appointment. For instance, you can plan ahead, so you’ll know what to do once your appointment comes. Further, try to practice deep breathing. Dentists also suggest in-office dental relaxing treatments to assist their patients to loosen up.  

Below are other tips to help yourself relax before a dental check-up  

  • Listen to relaxing music or whatever you like that makes you feel at ease. Watching movies before your scheduled appointment can also help.  
  • Listen to comedy podcasts or watch funny videos while you’re waiting for your turn.  
  • Set an appointment for first thing in the morning so you won’t have to spend all day worrying.  
  • Watch your water and food intake. Before your scheduled checkup, it’s best to stay away from caffeine or foods that are high in sugar.   

The following are ways your dentist can help you calm down:  

  • Your dentist will assign a signal to allow you to tell them to pause the treatment. 
  • Discussing and explaining everything that’s going to happen. 
  • Plays relaxing music or having something on TV. 

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Is Relaxation Dentistry in Santa Clara Right for Me?

Oral sedation and IV sedation can help relieve stress and anxiety. At Dr. Jayne Dentistry, we strive to make you feel comfortable as we perform our exceptional dental treatments. Come in for a consultation!