When Should You Visit an Emergency Dentist? 

November 12, 2021 - Digital Resource Blogger

It can happen when you least expect it – you’re having a good time playing your favorite sport, then you get hit in the mouth and crack a tooth. Visiting an emergency dentist in Santa Clara should be your next move to save your tooth and eliminate your pain. But how do you know if your situation constitutes a dental emergency? We’re here to explain what a dental emergency is and why it’s essential to act fast if you’re experiencing one. 

man with toothache and needs an emergency dentist in Santa Clara

What is a Dental Emergency? 

It’s common for people to be unsure if their concern requires urgent dental care. Most issues are considered a dental emergency if it causes unbearable pain that won’t go away. Anything that could potentially be life-threatening should also get immediate medical attention. This may include uncontrollable bleeding, a spreading dental infection, or an injury that affects your airway. 

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, you want to act fast for the following reasons: 

  • Better chances of saving a tooth 
  • Avoid unnecessary pain 
  • Reduce the risk of infection 
  • Prevent the need for more invasive dental treatments 

Common Examples of Dental Emergencies 

If you’re experiencing any of the following concerns, you’ll want to see an emergency dentist as soon as possible to help you: 

Knocked Out Tooth 

If you play a contact sport, it’s common to see some minor chips or a completely knocked out tooth. If this happens to you, it’s crucial to act fast to increase your chances of saving the tooth. After rinsing it off, keep the tooth moist – either in your mouth or a small glass of milk – and head to your emergency dentist right away. 

Unbearable Toothache 

Having a normal toothache generally doesn’t require immediate attention. If the pain is persistent, leads to swelling, or intensifies when you apply pressure to the area, it might signify a serious oral issue. In this case, you’ll want to make an urgent trip to the dentist so they can see if it’s an infection or gum disease. 

Missing or Broken Dental Restoration 

Dental restorations such as crowns or fillings are designed to protect weak or damaged teeth. If yours becomes lost or broken, you’ll want to see a dentist right away to have it repaired or replaced. This is especially important if you’re in significant pain or the crown is dangling and presents a choking hazard. 

Soft Tissue Injury 

A soft tissue injury occurs in areas like the lips, tongue, cheeks, and gums. If you experience trauma to your mouth, it could lead to bleeding. The soft tissues in your mouth are sensitive and can cause a lot of pain if you injure them. 

If you’re experiencing bleeding, rinse your mouth and press a damp cloth against the area to control the bleeding. If it doesn’t stop after about 15 minutes, visit an emergency dentist right away. 

Dental Abscess 

A dental abscess is a collection of pus that can form in an infected tooth. This can cause severe and persistent tooth pain and sensitivity. You may also experience swelling in your face and difficulty swallowing. You’ll want to visit a dentist as soon as possible so they can drain the pus and remove the infection. 

Leaving a dental abscess untreated can result in serious or life-threatening complications. 

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Are You Looking for an Emergency Dentist in Santa Clara? 

Our office prioritizes dental emergencies and will be available to help you if you’re experiencing one. If you need urgent dental care, please call Dr. Jayne Dentistry right away, so we can treat you promptly and professionally. We’re here to answer all your questions and get you the help you need!