Invisalign Teen® in Santa Clara

You can pop out your Invisalign clear aligners to snap a photo, eat your favorite foods or play sports.

No sharp wires! No metal brackets! Smile with confidence!

Invisalign Teen® treatment uses a series of custom clear plastic molds (aligners) that fit snugly over your teeth to gradually and gently straighten your smile. The aligners are virtually invisible, so people may not even notice that you’re wearing them.

Six replacement aligners are included in the Invisalign Teen treatment, so there’s no need to fret over a lost aligner. The aligners are equipped with built-in blue indicators that fade over time when used as directed. These indicators help parents, teens and their dentist track compliance to be certain that the aligners are being worn for the necessary period of time each day.

Invisalign Teen has been proven to be effective as traditional braces for most cases, and thousands of teenagers have straightened their teeth effectively and more comfortably with this process.

Free Invisalign Consultation

Dr. Jayne is happy to offer a complimentary consultation so you can find out if your teen is a candidate for Invisalign.

  • Consultation with the doctor
  • Learn about Invisalign treatment
  • Find out if Invisalign is right for you
  • Get all your questions answered

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Advantages of Invisalign Teen over traditional metal braces

With yearbook photos, prom pics and sharing selfies, do you really want to be immortalized with a mouthful of metal? Invisalign Teen clear aligners let you smile with confidence.

Regular metal braces can really get in the way if you play sports or a musical instrument. Since Invisalign trays are removable, you won’t need to worry about getting a nasty cut on your lip while honing your skills on the sax or getting hit with a ball during a game.

You can also enjoy the foods you love. Just pop out your trays and feel free to order popcorn at the movies, bite into a delicious apple or have a PB&J sandwich. Because the clear aligners can be taken out, you can easily maintain your oral health (and fresh breath) by brushing and flossing as you normally would.

How Invisalign works
There are no metal brackets to attach and no wires to tighten!

Invisalign is a modern approach to straightening teeth. A series of aligners made of smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic are created specifically for you. The aligner trays fit snugly, yet comfortably, over your teeth and gradually shift your teeth into place.

We provide up to six replacement aligners

If you should happen to lose an aligner, let us know, and we’ll get you a replacement one pronto! We’ll replace up to six aligners for no extra charge.

Helping you complete your program as quickly as possible

Your aligners should be worn between 20 – 22 hours daily. To help you finish your treatment in the minimum time, Invisalign Teen has indicators that show you and your dentist how much time you were able to wear your aligners each day.

Planning your treatment

Dr. Jayne takes digital X-rays, photos and impressions of your teeth, which Invisalign uses to create digital 3D images of your teeth. She then uses these images to map out a precise treatment plan, including the exact movements of your teeth. Although the length of time it takes to straighten teeth varies between individuals, treatment time is usually about twelve months.

Custom aligners based on your treatment plan

Dr. Jayne forwards your individual treatment plan to Invisalign. They fabricate a series of custom-made, clear, BPA-free aligners for you. Dr. Jayne will show you how to use your new aligners and answer all your questions.

Gradually straightening your teeth

You’ll replace your aligners about every two weeks. Subsequent aligners are designed to move your teeth a bit more with each change. Every four to six weeks, you come in to our office and Dr. Jayne checks your progress.

Conditions Dr. Jayne can fix with Invisalign

Invisalign treatment can fix a wide variety of problems with teeth and bite alignment. Mild cases of crooked teeth as well as much more difficult problems involving serious bite issues can be corrected with the clear plastic aligner trays.

Here are some of the main conditions Dr. Jayne can fix with Invisalign:

Overly crowded

When teeth are crowded in the mouth, it can be difficult to clean the teeth properly. This can promote tooth decay and cause a higher risk of gum disease.


An overbite can cause excessive wear on the lower teeth, gum irritation and can also cause jaw problems.


This occurs when the bottom teeth protrude beyond the upper teeth and can interfere with the normal function of front teeth and molars, and can lead to jaw problems.

Gaps in Teeth

Gaps can trap food and bacteria and lead to tooth decay and gum disease. It can also cause teeth to shift into the empty spaces and increase misalignment.

Open Bite

An open bite can interfere with chewing and can cause speech impairment and jaw problems.


This is a symptom of jaw misalignment, which can cause worn-down teeth, gum disease or both.

To make an appointment, call 408-243-5107 or click here to request an appointment online.